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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Search Term Q and A: Part II

I recently did a post in which I went through the search terms which had lead people to my blog and pulled out those which were in the form of questions and then answered them. Upon recent inspection, this has lead to many more questions being asked me. I've decided to keep doing this. I find this fun. This is almost like formspring!

Can an adult punishment spanking produce tears?

Yes, it absolutely can. Will it? Not necessarily. Many people, however, even those who don't often cry from spankings in other atmosphere, find that disciplinary spankings bring them to tears. I pretty much always cry if I'm being disciplined, even if it's not with a spanking. I hate the feeling of being in trouble!

Can a mermaid be spanked?

If a mermaid was real, I'm certain she could be. It would just have to be above the surface, since I know from experience that it's nearly impossible to spank underwater! :)

Can you spank yourself with a sjambok?

I think that a sjambok is probably the worst self spanking implement possible. It's too long and rigid to actually properly reach your bottom with it. A very flexible leather implement such as a well worn belt might work, but hand held items like wooden spoons and hairbrushes are pretty much the best for self spanking, at least the way I've done it.

Do lexan paddles cause permanent harm?

Any implement can cause permanent harm if used improperly. A lexan paddle, at least a thick one, is very heavy and therefore carries a greater risk of injury than a lighter implement. It isn't something I'd recommend a novice Top experiment with, and it's not something to go into fearfully for the bottom. If you're worried enough about it to google it, you should probably pass on it. There are plenty of other implements out there.

Do you feel more feminine after a spanking? 

It's not something I've ever thought about before, but I suppose I do in a certain way. I do feel very aware of my femininity when I'm having my skirt lifted up and my panties pulled down, and I like feeling like a domesticated woman, which spankings of a certain style lead me to feel. It isn't the thing I'd ask for if I felt a need to be feminine, though. In that case, I'm more likely to put on a fancy dress and do my hair and makeup. :)

How much do spanking models get paid?

That depends on a lot of variables and is pretty unique from situation to situation. It's not something that I discuss outwardly, as a general rule.

How do I accept a spanking?

I'm not entirely sure what this question means, but I think that it could be a request for advice on how to take a spanking well. For me, the answer to this comes from being passive, relaxing my body and giving up my willful feelings against the spanking. That's what leads me to feeling like I've "accepted" a spanking instead of just had it happen to me. :)

How do I get my bottom spanked?

If you're eighteen years old or older, I'd recommend checking out Spankfinder or Fetlife for Tops in your area, or consider going to a spanking party like Boardwalk Badness Weekend, Crimson Moon, Florida Moonshine or Shadowlane (to name a few!). There are also smaller spanking themed parties in many cities that just last for an evening but are still lots of fun. You can also try contacting a professional Top in or visiting your area if you're having trouble getting exactly what you want.

How do I soothe a spanked bottom? 

Ice. Lotion. Gentle rubbing. Sometimes, softer hand-spanking can help, too. If the pain is really severe, such as if it's keeping you from falling asleep at night or waking you up when you roll over, I recommend taking some ibuprofen. 

What are ways to make myself cry from a spanking?

The best way to make yourself cry is to focus on feeling vulnerable. I find it effective to just force myself to think about the position that I'm in and keep my mind on that. Malignus will sometimes lead me to this state by telling me to think about the fact that my bottom is bare and I am going to be spanked, or by stopping a spanking partway through and telling me to think about how much it has hurt so far. I also find that not reacting verbally for the beginning of the spanking and letting that build in my chest often brings me to actually crying instead of just wailing and yelping when I do start to react. Really, though, it's all about being able to be vulnerable with your Top. Having that safety and trust can go a long, long way.

What should I put on my spanked bottom?

The lotion that I prefer is St. Ives with Colagen Elastin, but Lubriderm is also excellent. I've recently been using creams that are meant to get rid of callouses on feet, also, but not immediately after a spanking. They usually include some level of menthol, though, and I think that many people would find that to feel good on a spanked bottom. I personally don't like to use anything that will get rid of too much of the sting, as I like feeling well spanked for as long as possible afterwards.

Why does your butt get hot when spanked?

Because more blood runs to the effected area. If a cold blooded humanoid was spanked (and, you know, if that was real), she would not experience this same sensation. Your body temperature is not actually affected by a spanking.

Why do spankings hurt?

Because you are getting hit, duh.

More scientifically speaking, the nociceptors in the buttocks receive the signal that there is damage and send this to the brain in the form of physical pain. The reason that spanking with certain implements like canes have a superficial pain at first and then a much stronger pain a few seconds after impact is because a second set of nociceptors are present deeper in the the tissues and are in place to detect injury there. It takes longer for these signals to get the brain in the form of pain.
I learned this stuff from Malignus, so I hope I remembered it properly. :)

Will arnica make my spanked butt heal faster? 

In my experience, no, it doesn't really do anything. A lot of people swear by it, though, but I've never seen an improvement in my bruises after using it.


  1. It's fascinating how many questions seem to be among the search terms which lead people to your blog! I sometimes save strange and funny search terms for fun posts, but I don't come across so many full questions as search terms. Thanks for sharing your findings and your answers!

    1. Yeah, I used to get a lot of strange or funny search terms, but I rarely do anymore. I think the more I use the question format, the more times questions lead people here, but I'm not really sure. I sometimes slightly rephrase, especially the "how" questions, so that they're in grammatically correct sentences. :)

  2. I would say you are a spanking and spanked expert if you ask me. You be great teacher about punishment. Spanking. Mike Madison Ohio age 41

    1. Thanks! I am very into the sharing and educating. :)

    2. well ya welcome even more good and cool your into sharing and educating, you have lot of experience at bending over and being spanked so you know what it like

      madison ohio

  3. Interesting questions and answers. I'm with you on the Arnica. It's never done anything for me. I gave up on buying it long ago and just stick to lotion for keeping my skin in better condition, but nothing helps with the bruising for me.

    1. Yeah, arnica seems to be a scam to me. The only thing that I've found helps with bruising is rubbing the area a lot.

  4. Alex, I appreciate your openness,your honesty,your courage,and
    of course, your buns. I find your answers to be helpful.
    Have a bunderfull day.