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Friday, April 12, 2013

Spanked in Uniform Shoot: Day 2

The next morning, I got up and finished my packing before Mike came to pick me up for our second day of shooting. I was well rested and well organized, although I had not eaten breakfast. In fact, I had not eaten breakfast either morning. The woman at the check out desk pointed this out to Mike, serving as foreshadowing for hotel-staff-not-pleased-by-my-lack-of-eating-breakfast to come.

After the check out process was completed, we drove over to the train station to pick up Leandra, who was going to shoot with us for the second day. Leandra was definitely interesting to hang out with and fun to work with. She's very different than me: a lot of our conversation was based on me trying to explain to her that yes, most of what I do is spanking videos and yes, I get spanked in my personal life. Lots and lots. She was never judgey about my fetishism, just kind of fascinated, and we chatted about this between scenes.

Our first scene was for Real Life Spankings, in which Leandra was getting a maintenance spanking and I happened to peek in and spy on her, which of course, resulted in me getting spanked myself while Leandra watched from the corner. I was actually legitimately interested in watching her get spanked.  I mean, she's pretty hot. And there was spanking involved. These are two pretty sure fire ways to hold my interest. I like the way that Leandra keeps all her limbs off the ground while getting spanked. I tend to do the opposite of that, for stability and comfort, but I definitely like the way that her positioning looks.

GASP! Spanking!

My turn!

After this scene, we shot a set of scenes for Spanked in Uniform's Rockford School of Dance. This involved Lenadra and I dressing up like cheerleaders. Cheerleader uniforms are a kind of funny thing for me. This shoot is the only time I've ever worn one. When I was in high school, I was weird and unpopular and all the cheerleaders and their friends bullied me. My girlfriend at the time was originally a cheerleader, but our romantic involvement lead to the team's unanimous decision to expel her from the squad. So while I've always thought that cheerleading outfits looked pretty hot, I had never been able to get too far past the "mean girl" idea that I have in my head. When I put the uniform on I didn't feel weird about it at all, though. Admittedly, it was only very loosely related to the outfits that were worn by my peers, but I felt pretty okay about being a cheerleader. It was almost like I was taking something back.

Also, my skirt was really inappropriately short. Bonus!

I've been kind of delighting in darkness during video making recently, and I think it would be great to get to play a really horrible, cruel cheerleader, like the kind that picked on me day in and day out for those long two years when I went to High School. I certainly know a lot of the lines. :P

The cheerleader scene that we did was much more straight forward and a lot less mean than that. It starts off with me being hired to teach a group of European cheerleaders some moves (being from America, I obviously know all about cheerleading) and being told that if the girls get out of line, I'm to punish them with spankings. That very day, Leandra gets on my bad side and I take her upstairs and to task over my knee.

Spanking Leandra was pretty fun. She has a pretty beautifully shaped bottom, and her responses to the spanking were very cute to listen to. It's one of the only topping videos of me where I don't think I look kind of silly. The film has been released, so I'm happy to share a few photos from it!

You can sort of see down my shirt in this photo. That's almost as good as being able to see up my skirt.

We then shot a sequel video to this in which I get spanked, but I won't go too far into detail about that for fear of giving something away.

After we finished this we had some lunch and got back to work with filming. The rest of the day was spent doing school girl films, which was obviously fine with me! It made a lot of sense to me that we saved this for the second day of filming when Leandra would also be there. One school girl is a good thing, but the awesomeness of school girl films increases exponentially in my mind based on how many girls there are, especially in matching outfits (this is why I love Sternwood Academy so damn much! There are a lot of us, and we all match!), so having both of us made those films a lot of fun. Again, I won't talk too much about the film before it has been released, but the character that I played in these scenarios was a little bit different than how I usually behave, which is always an interesting thing to do.

Once we wrapped our final scene, I had to get my stuff together because I needed to go to the airport. I was getting kind of stressed about this: I was really afraid that I'd get back to England and the immigration officer would say "No, sorry, you are never allowed to go to England again." Mike dropped me off and we said goodbye. I'm hoping that we'll work together next time I come back to Europe. :)  I  managed to get my baggage checked with fewer problems than I had last time (I didn't have to throw anything additional away) and then got to my flight. I was hoping to find something to eat before flying, but the airport I flew out of was rather tiny.

I got on a tiny plane and listened to music on my phone, trying to relax. The whole time I was in flight, though, I was rehearsing my conversation that I'd be having with immigration. I had all the papers I needed to and everything was in order, but I continued to worry after my experience last time.

When I landed at Standstet I was pleased to see that the lines were much shorter and less scary seeming than they had been at Heathrow. It still took a long time for it to be my turn, but while I was waiting, I started to chat to a couple of American girls who were studying aboard in Holland and visiting England for a week. It was nice to talk to other people who were equally concerned about immigration (although they had a lot less reason to be than I did!) and who had a similar background to me. I hadn't realized just how alone and sort of alienated I'd felt since I'd left Vegas. I don't mean that I didn't connect with the people that I'd been spending time with before: just that I felt very aware that I was in a different place and with people who I didn't really know. It was nice to be with someone who was in some ways similar to me, even if she was a total stranger.

Eventually I got called up to the desk, where a friendly looking man took my boarding card and I felt a lot more relaxed than I had a few minutes ago. He asked me very basic and straightforward questions, I showed him my papers and he stamped my passport. VICTORY! :D

From there, I went to the baggage claim where my bags were already waiting, and then exited the secure area. I was being picked up by Paul Kennedy and Zoe Page, and we were driving up to Derbyshire for two more days of shooting. It wasn't ideal scheduling, but it was the way things had worked out. I had only met Paul very briefly at Shadowlane last year, but when I saw him, I kind of breathed a huge sigh of relief. It was the first time since my goodbyes in Vegas that I had seen someone I had ever met before! It was a very refreshing feeling. In my first post about my travels I mentioned that I was waiting for something else that would make me feel secure, and for whatever reason, this was it. Having all of my immigration stuff completed and being with someone that I knew, at least a little, meant that I finally felt some sense of stability.

Hopefully it will be fewer days before I post my next segment. Things have been a bit busy for me since I've been home.


  1. Looks like a yummy spanking shoot. :D

    1. Glad you think so! Thanks for commenting ,Thomas! :D

  2. i think u make very good female top and giving out the spanking to those naughty female look just as hot and awesome too iam sure those female shock you can give out a hard spanking too just as good as you get hard spanking lol right

    Leandra does look just as cute and hot and beautiful too i seen video and pic and video before of female getting spanking in postion Leandra was in in some spanking i love the postion some female are in mostly how the butt look while in otk postions

    madison ohio

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Mike! While I'm certainly not *bad* at topping, it isn't my forte, for sure. I certainly can't give out as hard or long of a spanking as I can take, by any stretch of the imagination. I don't have the technical proficiency for that. Still, I think I did a pretty good job with Leandra, and I'm glad you do, too!

    2. I'm sure that you can learn, though I'm also sure that no one will complain if you focus on taking spankings, instead of giving them.

  3. The videos look really fun! And that is a nontraditional looking cheerleader outfit and very short. Lol. I'm glad things went smoother at immigration this time around!

    1. OMG, it's SO. SHORT. I really had no business wearing it, since it didn't quite cover my butt. Fortunately, for these purposes, that's okay! :D

  4. Mike here from Spanked In Uniform. Let me just say it was a real pleasure working with Alex and we are glad she is part of our ever growing team. :)

    Alex is a very profesional but also loads of fun to have around and a loving, kind person. and gorgeous!

    She will be back on the site soon even if I have to fly out and drag her all the way back to Holland by her ear :)

    Take care sweetie and hope to see you again soon.

    Hugs and love,


    1. Thanks for your kind words, Mike. I've been traveling a lot (as well as dealing with my personal stuff) so I have gotten pretty behind on my comments.

      I look forward to working with you again when I travel back next. It's likely due to a series of changes in my life that I'll be coming back to England a lot more than I previous thought I would be, so it probably won't be all that long (likely sometime within the next 9 - 12 months, anyway) before I come back over. :)

    2. Well, if I have your ears perked, I may as well say that I'm certainly coming in January, although the exact dates and length of my visit have yet to be determined, and it's possible that I might have an additional visit which is even earlier than that, if it is financially feasible.

  5. Thanks for sharing your shooting adventures,Alex! Wow, so many different scenes in such a short time. Of course I love Star Trek spankings, but the other pictures look great as well. :-)