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Monday, December 16, 2013

A New Project and Some... Changes?

Hi hi hi!
So, today I was made aware that apparently I wasn't just getting the aforementioned spanking for not having been keeping up with blogging, but instead, a "severe beating." Um... *nervous lip biting* back to our regularly scheduled posting and let's all forget about this incident? Does that sound good to you? Sounds good to me. ^_^

Anyway, I have exciting news to share :D

Over the past couple of months, Paul and I have been working on a project together. I really like filming videos with him: this was, after all, our original interaction, and there's nothing better than watching the dynamics between real partners on film. We obviously sometimes film together for Northern Spanking and we've done scenes for other sites but, once we moved in together, we wanted to start doing more scenes with just the two of us, and doing them in a more low-key, natural, domestic setting. We wanted to capture the energy of our household and our relationship and to explore many of the various facets there in. I wanted to be able to say "Haha, that would be a funny video, grab the camera and let's do it RIGHT NOW!" We wanted things that were naturally occurring instead of being pre-designed. We wanted to be able to sometimes do scenes that weren't necessarily spanking scenes. It was obvious that this content needed its own home on the internet.

We spent a while trying to come up with the name of our future site. Most of this time was spent with Paul asking me what I thought would be a good idea and me saying "I don't know, I can't think of anything." I'm horrible at naming things. I felt impossibly clever when I came up with "Alex in Spankingland" (although it required encouragement from my friend Sophie to convince me that it seemed good to others instead of just me). If I hadn't happened upon it, this blog would probably just be called "Spanking Alex." Not very creative.

Paul was the one who came up with the name for new project: Kitchen Sink Spanking. The name derives from a genre of film, television and theater which was popular in the 1950's and 60's in England known as "kitchen sink realism." This genre attempted to create stories which were depictions of the dramas, interpersonal relationships, highs and lows of the daily life of regular people, and were set in apartments or houses, often centering around the kitchen instead of requiring the creation of fancy sets. I think that this fits perfectly with the essence that we were trying to capture.

Everything that we've filmed thus far has been in our own home, and we do it with just the two of us there. As such, the camera sits on a tripod and we don't use a lot of equipment. As such, the films have a very different feel than the formal shoots that we do, but it's actually very enjoyable. I find them to be delightfully voyeuristic.

Are the films simply snippets from our every day life? Not exactly. I make no claims that these videos occurred naturally, or that they're "reality porn." We certainly don't just set a camera up and go about our daily lives and then edit it down to the parts that include spanking. The clips vary in verisimilitude: some are more fun and allow me to engage in fun-for-everyone whining, foot stamping and petulance (this is fun for everyone... right?!). A couple are quite serious. I like this variety. The first film is a cute story about me being first introduced to a new DD relationship, complete with a lot of the aforementioned protestation and a hairbrush spanking. It's the first one we filmed, and we had a lot of fun doing it. The second film follows the same story, but in addition to my getting spanked it includes me getting smacked with a kitchen implement on both the fronts and backs of my thighs. This was entirely unscripted. I was surprised by how the scene had become spontaneously worse. :P The third, still following the same tale, gives rise to this adorable sadface:

There's one which is goddamn adorable and simply a replay of a scene which actually happened, in which I went to Zeki's house, made cookies with her and returned with only the tale of how good they were for Paul, who was clearly in need of biscuits. Justice was served instead:

As we went on making the videos, we started making upskirt films, which I find delightfully naughty and which excite my exhibitionist streak. There are a couple of harder scenes, and then there's something... different. Over the course of the past eighteen months, my relationship between sexuality and kink has been developing quite a bit. While I previously described these drives as being separate and parallel, as I grew more comfortable with myself and began to have partners who were both involved in my kink life and my sex life, this division slowly began to breakdown. There's a LOT of writing to be done about this, but 2:00 AM while seated on Sarah Gregory's couch is neither the time nor place to attempt to tackle this topic. Suffice to say, I've begun to enjoy certain combinations of these activities. As such, I decided that I wanted to make my first blatantly sexually charged video. The video is actually quite intense: it's a disciplinary caning which has a lot of energy, and which stirs up a lot of emotion in me. My bottom was already sore when we filmed this, and the strokes are hard. I cry and wail and get rather pathetic. Throughout the entire scene, though, I was very... er... aroused (and I'm very embarrassed to admit this!) and once my punishment was complete, I went to my room to fix this condition in myself. I must admit, I haven't watched it (it makes me feel very awkward to think about doing so!), but it's my only masturbation film out there, and it's entirely genuine. Curious? Feel free to check it out, and I'll have more writing about sexy-kink times later.

I do have this deep fear that people will be upset about this change in me, but it was no longer genuine to perpetuate the idea that there are no longer situations where spanking is sexual for me. I hope you all still like me, even though I no longer have a hardline stance on this issue. :)

I hope you consider checking out the site, as I'm quite pleased with the results myself!
Now, it's off to the bath, and then some glorious sleep!


  1. Good for you and Paul for exploring this venture. And good for you for exploring the kink/sexuality interface. Spanking has always had a sensual/sexual component for me, so I never really understood the feelings of those who have a hardline stance on their separation.

    The upskirt shots are fun, but I think my favorite of your preview photos above is the cookie one. Especially since it looks like you brought home a cookie for yourself and none for Paul. That look on your face shows you deserved that red bottom. ;-)

    1. Thanks for your comment, Mark!
      I'll be writing soon about this topic more, at which time I'll try to make more sense of my process of separation, where I think it came from, and how the two things ended up coming together for me. I hope I can make sense!

      I'm glad you liked the cookie shot, too! It's one of my favorites, and that clip was ridiculously fun to make. In real life, I cracked up at how offended Paul was that I hadn't brought him any cookies. He spanked me (while I had a face much like that photo!) and then set me back on my feet until I told him what kind of cookies they had been (HIS FAVOURITE) and he pulled me directly back over his lap. Gosh, it's just cookies! Take it easy! :P

  2. first off congrat to you and paul new project i be sure check out everything you do and even your new site you are one of my favorite spanking model love hearing and seeing every spanking you get seem like you gotten alot of them too

    reember while in kitchen there alot of stuff in kitchen you can be spanked with and iam sure your weel aware of this and been punish with every kitche implement that in the kitch and your naughty butt love every min of it too

    madison ohio

    1. Thanks, Mike! I do get an awful lot of spankings. :)

    2. ya welcome naughty girl sometime good girl Alex and yes you get awful lot of spankings but you dont desver all of the spanking lol

  3. We all evolve in our thoughts and desires!

    1. This is true! It's quite an exciting process, really. :)

  4. Alex these are on clps for sale?.I have seen you spanked at Northern Spanking and others ,love and spanks,Timx

    1. Hi Tim,
      Yes, they're on Clips 4 Sale. The direct link should take you to the store. Let me know if you have any questions about how to use it. :)

  5. Congrats to you and Paul on your new adventure :) I can't wait to see more of it :)
    I'm fine with any video you do, however just please warn us if it is a sexual video with spanking, so that those of us not into the sexual part, can avoid it if we want to.

    1. On films that I'm involved in releasing (those on my personal clips store and on this one) I'm always careful to be as descriptive as possible of what's included in a clip. This just makes sense! Unfortunately, for films that I do for other companies, I don't have any input on how they are described.