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Saturday, August 16, 2014

My First Spanking Art!

I'd never had any kind of "fan art" or other non-photographic creative works done representing me before. Today, that changed! A little while ago, Spanking Toons contacted me over my tumblr asking if I would want to be drawn as a spanking pinup. I responded very eagerly indeed! Today, I got to see the finished product. What do you guys think?

 I totally love it. I love that the artist included me with only (pulled down) panties and a bow on, since those are the two things you can always count on me having on!

Thanks so much, Spanking Toons! I feel honored and cute.
If you'd like to commission a custom spanking illustration (F/F only) through Spanking Toons, you can email www.spankingtoons@hotmail.com


  1. Heh, I think it's absolutely adorable Alex! Such an amazing job they did, and it definitely showcases the essence of you very well! :)
    -Jon Welts

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I'm super happy with it!

  2. Alex it is a very likeness of your lovelyself good likeness ,best spanks,Tim.

  3. now you can say you been made into cartoon which look very good too job well done too maybe next cartoon be you getting spanked


  4. Aww, this is adorable :) It's a very good likeness of you - particularly the shape of your bottom. He must have spent quite a long time studying photos :)

    1. Hehe, I can imagine the studying of photos and I quite like the thought!
      By the way, I miss you, Pandora!