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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Interview: Spanking Latte

Hello, my dear, sweet internet!
I'm so sorry that I've been neglecting you recently! Things in my vanilla life have continued to be over-the-top busy. I've got posts lined up for the next few days with lots of good stuff, though.

Today, I have another interview. This time it's with spanking blogger Latte. Go ahead and check out her blog; Spanking Latte. I was lucky enough to meet her at my first spanking party. She's extremely sweet and a great writer.

Latte! Such a cutie!

Spankingland: How long have you been interested in spanking?

Latte: That is a hard question to me because I'm not really sure. I think spanking has always interested me, but I really started looking into the BDSM/spanking world when I was about 18 years old.

Spankingland: I had a pretty similar experience-- I kinda ran into things right when I was old enough to, because I'd been thinking about it for so long! How did you *find* the BDSM/spanking community?

Latte: It is an interesting story how I found the community. I had a psychology paper for school about childhood spanking. When I went to go research the material for the report, I found spankingtube along with various of other sites for spanking stories

Spankingland: That's really interesting! Were you excited when you first discovered it?

Latte: I was very excited when I discovered it. I also was nervous because I didn't know what to expect when I first started chatting with other spankos.

Spankingland: When you first became interested in spanking, did you know that you were a switch, or were you originally drawn to one of the roles and then branched out into the other as well?

Latte: Actually I started out as a bottom only. I first thought I would never like to spank. I had a close spanko friend of mine ask if I would want to try it on him and I agreed. After I spanked him, I became a switch. I fell in love with getting to spank just as receive.

Spankingland: So, at this point, do you have a preference between spanking or being spanked?

Latte: I don't have a preference of either being spanked or spanking.
I enjoy both of them 50/50.

Spankingland: Awesome. What are some of the most exciting things that you've gotten to do as part of the spanking community?

Latte: I haven't been able to do a whole lot at the moment. School is currently my number one priority. I have gotten to attend some private parties here in Indiana which I have enjoyed. Also meeting my fellow kinksters I talk to is very exciting.

Spankingland: Are there things that you'd eventually like to do? Any goals, dreams or plans relating to spanking?

Latte: When life slows down I would like to go to the major spanking parties like BBW and Shadowlane. I also would like to start doing spanking shoots once my name gets out there.

Spankingland: Besides school and work, do you have anything else in your vanilla life which keeps you busy?

Latte: I do. I have partial custody of my niece and I play mom to her. She keeps me pretty busy with her extra curricular activities. I also work with 2 rescues and do various jobs for them.

Spankingland: Do you have any advice for people, especially young adults, who are just getting into the spanking scene?

Latte: Yes. I would encourage joining groups around your area so you can get to know kinksters around your specific area. I would also just be cautious. Most of the community is very nice and very welcoming, but you just want to be safe!!
Hope you guys enjoyed this! 


  1. A fascinating young lady. I like that this interview covers a lot of ground but with conciseness. Well done. Bring on interview #3.

  2. Great interview, thanks for sharing!

  3. Interesting interview! It makes me wonder how different my life would be had the internet been a "thing" when I was 18...

    Off to check Latte's blog!