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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Game time. ^_^

I've been trying to get through a ton of the adventures that I've had recently, and I find this kind of a struggle sometimes, just because I get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff that I have to write about and I want to get it done before anything else noteworthy happens, which means that I *certainly* want to get it finished and published before I leave for Chicago Crimson Moon. I've also recently gotten kind of addicted to using my tumblr, which is chock full of instant gratification and horribly distracting. -_-
I recently sat down and wrote a bunch of stuff at once, except that all of those posts are waiting on one thing or another that I need to get from other people. During this time, I had a skype date with my friend Peachy Keane (the girlfriend of my previous Dom, IG/scotchgrove, and a close friend of mine for several years). While we were talking I complained that I was feeling kind of burned out on what I was writing and I needed a break. She created this game for me, to give me a chance to write about stuff in short answers that's at least moderately interesting (I hope!) but is easy and straight forward for me. I had fun with this, and I hope you have fun reading it. As always, if you have questions you want me to answer, you can leave them in the comments, email them to me at alexinspankingland@gmail.com or put them in my inbox on the above-linked tumblr. I do enjoy this stuff. :D

Ten bands or musicians you listen to the most often: 
According to my iTunes, it goes like this:
1) The Mountain Goats
2) The Smiths
3) The Clash
4) Jets to Brazil
5) Radiohead
6) Bright Eyes
7) Red Hot Chili Peppers
8) R.E.M.
9) Nine Inch Nails
10) Smashing Pumpkins

I also listen to an awful lot of Smog, but I only ever really listen to one track by them, so that shouldn't count. There are several bands like that. There are a ton of bands that I've gone through phases with, but these are the ones that I've listened to pretty constantly since college (which was nearly five years ago, because I'm ridiculously old now. -_-)

Nine positions you've been spanked in:
When I first saw this question, I almost insisted that Peachy change the position of this question to be a different number because I was pretty sure that there just *weren't* nine spanking positions. Some creative thinking lead me to the following list, though. This list is in no particular order.
1) OTK, and variants
2) The "legs up" position.
3) Lying flat on bed, or over pillows.
4) Standing, unsupported, or with hands against wall.
5) Bent over in what's meant to be the touching toes position, but I can't actually do that.
6) Kneeling on all fours.
7) Standing on a raised object like a step ladder or a crate (this is my all time least favorite possible position, because I have a horrible fear of falling over while being spanked).
8) Bent over across some sort of furniture item.
9) The wheelbarrow position.

I then thought of a whole bunch more than nine positions, including lots of variants  and I was rather pleased with myself.

Eight cities you've visited this year:
1) London, England
2) Las Vegas, NV
3) Los Angeles, CA
4) New York, NY
5) Atlantic City, NJ
6) Denver, CO
7) Daytona Beach, FL
8) Dallas, TX

That was kind of just a sampling. I've been to more than eight places this year. I'm a very lucky girl to get to do so much traveling. :D

Seven things you're looking forward to:
1) Hanging out with a friend tomorrow.
2) Fireworks exist, and I'm probably going to have them in my life soon.
3) My 26th birthday is on July 6th. Birthdays are always nice, although this isn't a significant one.
4) Chicago Crimson Moon.
5) I'm specifically looking forward to a rather complex school girl roleplay that The Bad Alex, Jon83 and I have planned for that party.
6) Shadowlane. Anyone who isn't looking forward to Shadowlane isn't going to Shadowlane.
7) Going back to England in January.

Six things that weren't your original kink but you discovered you enjoy:
1) Riding crops. I originally found these to fall into two different uncomfortable categories: things that felt really BDSM-y and things that I associated with animals. I still don't find them visually appealing if just anyone is using them, and I don't think they make sense in a lot of scene contexts. The cheap, sex-store type makes me go -_-, and I hate it when someone uses one like a cane with a little thing on the end, but I've found places where they fit into my kink well. Very well indeed.

2) Being held down. I still don't really get into being bound, but I originally didn't like to have ANYTHING keeping me in place besides myself. It was a pride thing. I wanted to be so super-well behaved that I was able to be still for anything (although this was at the same time in my life as I broke a lamp with my Pikachu slipper by sending it flying off my foot in a kicking frenzy, so I'm not always consistant). Once I got over myself (a little, let's be fair here :P) I realized that I love the feeling of being manhandled into position and firmly held down, having my hand pinned to the small of my back, or my wrists pinned above my head, et cetera.

3) Resistance. Again, I originally wanted to give myself over to everything quietly and calmly. I later discovered that I can really get behind a scene where I protest and struggle and have to be beaten into submission every now and then, if it's something my partner and I have pre-negotiated.

4) Getting hit on the front of my legs. This has become a huge kink for me, but originally I didn't want anything to do with it. It felt weirdly inappropriate because it wasn't on my butt.

5) Kneeling. I was at one point really uncomfortable with the idea of kneeling for any reason. It seemed way to BDSM-y for me, and I resisted the idea a lot. Bit by bit, I went from being comfortable with it to finding it to be wonderfully passive and soothing feeling, in the right context (and only once in a while).

6) Getting hit on the hands. Brain! Why did you even write that?! Horrible. Ugh. WTF, me! I don't enjoy that. My brain can't lie to me and say that I do, honestly.

Five spanking photos that don't involve you that you have saved to your computer:
I originally didn't want to answer this. I wanted to ask Peachy to give me a different question instead. This is one of the most tremendously vulnerable things that I think a person can ask me, and I'll probably make an entire post about why at some point. These are the pictures which, over the years, I've felt the need to save to my computer to view again. I don't really do that very often anymore, and my collection has constantly changed over the years because I'd get ashamed (or need the disc space) and delete them all. Here are the requisite samples, though:

Another reason I felt weird about doing this is that I have NO IDEA of the source of some of my photos. I'm super sorry. If this photo is yours, or you know where it's from, please let me know.  I found and saved this photo fairly recently. The way both parties are dressed and the park bench setting work for me. I also really enjoy having faceless photos sometimes, because then I don't have to think about someone I know, because honestly, I probably know at least something about most of the people who show up in mainstream spanking photos at this point.

This photo is from Girls Boarding School and it's some years old, although not as old as some of the stuff I used to keep on my computer. I'm so sorry that I can't ID the model. This really makes me feel sad. 

I kind of picked a representative photo from this set from Northern Spanking at random, because I like literally all of it. It's really visually pretty, and I have a crush on Paul. People consistently tell me that I can't have a crush on someone anymore after they become my partner, but I so do. I see a photo of him and I smile and blush like a high schooler. This makes my life great, because I often run into pictures of him on the internet when I don't expect to, and it always makes my day. I also run into pictures of him on my computer when I do expect to, because one of the ways that I manage missing him is by enjoying media containing him. 

I've had a severity kink since always, but I think I may have been more interested in photos that showed girls looking really marked up, especially if they had marks on their thighs, before I started actually playing and in the early years of me getting spanked. I went through a period of time where severe marking was one of my biggest concerns in photo selection. This one from Pain Toy fit that niche a lot. This no longer really matters to me, because I know how marking works, that it isn't really a sign of severity as it is about the girl being spanked's body, and I know what filming is like. Now, I care a lot more about certain themes and aesthetics showing up in pictures and videos.

Except for sometimes, of course. This is what it looks like: it's a screenshot from a video on Nimue's World that I took on my phone. I recognize that this is probably super lame, but this is from my all-time favorite spanking video (entitled "I've Seen You" and involving Paul and Nimue), and I watch the hell out of it. I don't think most people would expect this to be my favorite video, because it's TREMENDOUSLY dark and I don't talk about that part of my kink as often. I think the fact that I've done very little with this part of my kink in the real world is the primary reason that I'm so damn obsessed with watching videos that indulge it.

Four things you've tried in the scene but don't really "do it" for you:
1) Bondage. I'll do it for videos, but in my personal play, I only either want to submit out of my own free will or be forced and pinned by my partner's body.
2) Counting, or having to talk a lot while being spanked particularly hard. Again, I *can* do this, but it's really difficult for me.
3) Being cold while being spanked. I'm beyond over that shit. No. No. No. No. No. No more. Except I'm going back to England in January. So probably yes. I'll just cry a lot.
4) Anything relating to my nipples. That's just horribly painful and not in a good way. Ugh.

Three people in the vanilla world you idolize:
1) John Darnielle
2) Terrance Malick
3) Kimya Dawson

Two things you should probably get in more trouble for doing than you do:
1) Some days it feels like I get in less trouble than I deserve for messing with Mila so damn much. Other days, it seems entirely balanced. Even more days, it seems like it's horribly unfair and it's all her fault.
2) I pretty much tell on myself for everything that I do wrong, so this question is sort of boring.

One cat that you are obsessed with:
1) Fatface. Fuck yes.


  1. I enjoyed reading your answers. And happy birthday!!!!! Hope you had a great one!