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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Video Blog with Christy Cutie, from TASSP!

So, I know that this is entirely out of chronological order, but I made this video blog with Christy Cutie at TASSP and I wanted to share it. The spanking at the end is very playful and not meant to be serious in any amount, or to actually hurt.  Here, we share some of our adventures from TASSP.

I think I've mentioned before that I get into a different sort of mood depending on who I'm hanging out with, and Christy and I occupy a very giggly, super naughty, school girlish type space most of the time that we're together, as seen in this clip. Christy's "Domming" at the end is adorable. "WAIT! NO ONE SAID YOU CAN MOVE!" The couple that I refer to as "The Arms" and his new wife, whose names we weren't sure if we were supposed to say or not, are Kevin and Rachel of spankanonymous.

 I'm also the most awkward person ever in a video blog, I'm rather convinced, and the angle and lighting are a bit weird, so it isn't ideal. That's all okay.

Christy and I will be hanging out together at Chicago Crimson Moon in July. We offer double sessions, so if you're interested in spanking both of us, feel free to drop me an email at alexinspankingland@gmail.com with "session" in the subject line for a swift response! 

I'll finish a written post soon, probably later today. Someone made me suddenly really want to get my email finished before I do anything else, so that's happening right now. 


  1. You two are adorable. I feel like I got a good part of the TASSP experience without being there!


    1. Thank you, Mark! I'm glad it made you feel involved. I look forward to seeing you again at another party!

  2. Very cute video! I don't know if it's just because it was on a web cam but the audio and picture were a little out of sync.

    1. Yeah, I noticed that, too. It was just on my laptop's webcam, so it wasn't very good quality, I'm afraid. :/