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Cast of Characters

I used to try to include every single person that I talked about on my blog here. This became time consuming and lead to a variety of problems such as this page being long and full of too much information, people have hurt feelings because I forgot to include them and me being horrible at making the formatting here look good. I've scaled it back to include the people that I talk about the most, people with whom my relationship might be confusing and people who I refer to by an initial only. Feel free to ask questions regarding who I'm talking about when I refer to other people in the comments section of each post!


Alex Reynolds: That's me! I'm a 27 year old spanko bottom living in Los Angeles. I'm a polyamorous, atheist geek. I like cute things, learning and domesticity. I was born in Upstate New York and was raised primarily in New Jersey. I currently work full time as a spanking, fetish and nude model, which is a lifestyle that allows me to travel, to meet remarkable people and to thoroughly enjoy what I do. I also write spanking romance novels, too! I'm very happy with my life.


Paul Kennedy: Paul is my primary partner: my boyfriend, my Dominant and my favorite person. We're more compatible than I've ever known two people to be before, and I continue to be surprised and amazed by how well he knows exactly what I need. We recently moved in together, and we're enjoying building a life together. I've never been so happy or felt as loved as I do when I'm with him. Paul owns and operates Northern Spanking, and we first met when I was filming for said site.

Raffos/Rafa/R.: R is one of my primary romantic partners. We've been dating for seven years, and have a wonderful, loving, mutually supportive, extremely sexually charged relationship. He's an awesome person, but pretty much vanilla (although one of the most successfully poly men I've ever known). He's very kink aware and has attended munches and local events with me, since he finds that people in the kink scene are more like to share his views on both polyamory and the world in general! He's also done camera work for Dreams of Spanking and Northern Spanking

Z: Z is my vanilla girlfriend, and another of my primary romantic partners. She's sweet, brilliant, lovable and incredibly sexy. She's also become very kink aware, and sometimes helps me to come up with scene ideas. She shares my enjoyment of adventures and fun things, knows more about tea than anyone else on earth and makes delicious, delicious food. I love her with all my kitten heart!

Pandora Blake: Pandora is one of my more casual (but still very beloved and important) partners. We were internet friends for a long time. We read each other's blogs and chat every now and again. We got to meet for the first time at TASSP, where we hung out and had lots of fun. I also filmed for her site, Dreams of Spanking during the party, which was a wonderful experience. Pandora and I became much closer when I visited her in London and spent a week staying at her flat. We filmed a lot more stuff for her site, and had amazing adventures. She's one of my favorite people and I love spending time with her, whether we're playing together, discussing philosophical concepts and social constructs or building sofaforts. 

Drlectr/Joe: Joe is my FWB. We've had a long and special relationship which isn't really defined by a label. He's not "the boss of me" but he's one of my all time favorite people to play with. I consider Joe to be one of the people who is closest to my heart, no matter how much time we spend together or what we spend it doing. His heart is full of love and it always shows in his behavior. 


Christy Cutie:
Christy is one of my best friends! She's a popular spanking model with an adorable smile, a big sense of adventure and forever perfect hair. We see each other at least once a week, and we tend to get into a lot of trouble when left alone unsupervised. Shenanigans always ensue!

Erica Scott: I'm pretty sure that everyone knows who Erica is. She's an extremely popular spanking blogger and a spanking model. She's smart, funny and compassionate, and she was one of the first people who I started to really like in the spanking community. I've always felt very special that we became friends, and I consider her to be part of my chosen family. Erica is the kind of woman that I aspire to be. I'm lucky enough to get to spend a lot of time with her, and it seems like we're always closing restaurants with our never ending conversations.

Lily Starr: Lily is a well known spanking model and spanking content producer and a good friend and scene sister of mine. We get together as often as we can, usually at Disneyland. I'm sure you can imagine how amazing that is! She's someone I relate to both as a fellow naughty little girl and as an adult, and I adore spending time with her. 

Robert Wolf: Robert is Lily's husband/Daddy/Dominant. I met him through her and we developed an awesome friendship of our own. I really trust and enjoy playing with Robert. He's one of the people that I play the hardest with. Even though he's not the boss of me, he's one of the people in that "gray area" where I tend to listen to things he says because I respect him (AKA, off-chart bossing). He's a great person. 

Maddy Marks/Maddy Cake:
Maddy is another popular spanking model and another one of my best friends (I'm truly lucky to have so many amazing people in my life). She literally lives down the street from me now, which makes life even better! She's one of the people I've known in the scene the longest, and she's been there for me through a lot of craziness, which I will always appreciate. We get together as often as we can for dates that usually start out with hiking and end with us going shopping, buying more stuff than we should have and getting into trouble! I love her.

Siq: Siq is Maddy's boyfriend/Dom/Daddy and serves as my protector, looking out for me when Paul can't be there. We don't have a D/s relationship, but I trust him and listen to his judgement and know that if we're at a party together, he has an eye on me and that makes me feel safe. I love watching him and Maddy interact: they're one of my favorite couples. He's awesome. :D

Amoni Jones/Ami: Amoni is one of my all time best friends. She's got pretty much my favorite sense of humor (I am always cracking up when talking to her) and is really amusing to observe being spanked. We've been through a lot together, and I know that I can tell her anything, whether it's dark or dirty! She's so much fun, and also so loving and caring. I miss her all the time and wish she was my next door neighbor (although I bet the rest of my neighborhood doesn't wish that we lived next door to each other, because we make a lot of mischief together!) 

The Bad Alex: The Bad Alex is a friend I met over Fetlife and got to know at spanking parties. We're both named Alex, but I'm extremely well behaved and she's horribly bad, so she got her title so that people could tell us apart in conversation. :P (Note: The Bad Alex is also a very sweet girl, and I love her to death). We tend to get ourselves into ridiculous situations together, like going to a liquor store in school uniforms or doing a roleplay in which we're accidentally sisters of the same age with the same name! Bad Alex is super smart, but she often uses her intellect for naughtiness, to hilarious ends. I love her lots and constantly miss her, too. 

Ten Amorette: Another popular spanking model and another one of my very close friends! Ten is someone who I love very much. She can be silly and ridiculous (to which I respond with "Oh, Ten! Ha ha ha") but we've shared some serious moments that mean a lot to me, too. It feels like Ten and I never get to spend enough time together these days. I hope to change that in the near future!

Spankcake: I first met fellow blogger Spankcake at Shadowlane, but I got to know her through Erica Scott. Little did I know she would soon become one of my most treasured girlfriends! Erica, Spankcake and I get together and talk and talk and talk for hours. I recently got SC hooked on watching spanking videos, so we're now enjoying doing that together, too. Spankcake has a similar set of opinions on what should be done in most situations to me: we should drop everything and get sushi now! We should get slushies at the store. You should definitely buy that hat with cat ears on it! We don't need to go to bed yet, let's watch more videos! She also relates to me on a lot of parts on my life, and we're able to give each other support a lot of the time. I'm so grateful I've gotten to know her. She rocks. 

James and Korey Mae Johnson: James and Korey run Stormy Night Publications and are my publishers. They're some of my favorite people in the scene. I met them at the first party that I attended and our relationship has grown much closer over the past several years. When we're together we end up talking and laughing so long that I start to lose my voice, and the amount of inside jokes that we have is starting to turn into its own language. 

Fatface: Fatface is Pandora's cat. I am in love with Fatface. She is an absolutely perfect creature in my eyes. 

I have a lot of other wonderful friends in the spanking world, and I'll slowly build this list up again! 


J.: J was a play partner who I met through vanilla life before I was really involved in the scene. He features in some of my earlier posts. He got married to a vanilla woman, had a kid and decided not to be involved in spanking play anymore, which made me sad, but of course I respect his choice. 

L.: From the time I was but a 14 year old girl until 2013, a beautiful and wonderful girl named L. was my girlfriend. Entirely vanilla but polyamorous, she has always been there for me through the wonderful and the horrible without a moment of judgement. L got married recently and decided to have a monogamous wedding, which was hard for me, given the years that our relationship had spanned. Our friendship waned for a while because of this, but we're back to being close. I'll always love her!

Manda Panda
: Manda is a girl that I dated in Sioux Falls for several months. While not a spanko, she was very understanding and accepting of my lifestyle. Although we were very compatible, it just wasn't the right time in our lives for us to be together. I still treasure the times that we spent together!

Malignus: Malignus and I started to have an online D/s dynamic in 2011, which eventually grew into a romantic relationship (although not a sexual one, as he is an asexual). It was my first D/s dynamic of any sort. I eventually moved to South Dakota to be with him, where I lived for close to two years. He features heavily in the posts that I wrote during that time. We were never well suited as a couple, but we banged the pieces together, trying to make things fit. As time went on, our relationship became less and less healthy for me, spiraling down into a place where, especially near the end, it became emotionally abusive and traumatizing to me. He eventually ended our relationship, but wanted me to continue living there. I did this for several months, but finally left and moved back to Los Angeles, where I've returned to a much happier way of living. I'm honestly still recovering from some of the ways that he treated me, but being loved in a healthy way and looked after helps. 

There are a lot of posts describing how happy Malignus and I were together. I do not mean to say that none of these things were true and that I was never happy with him, but that I didn't write about the dark and unhealthy things that happened in our relationship. This was partially because I was in denial that our relationship was unhealthy and partially because Malignus encouraged me not to write about "negative topics." There are other notes where I talk about D/s and express opinions that I now find really unhealthy and kind of disturbing. I've been trying to go through and annotate these posts to make it clear that I no longer agree with these opinions. 

scotchgrove/IG: These two handles refer to the same person. He was a person who I tried having a long distance D/s relationship with. As far as I know, he's pretty much not involved in the scene anymore. We didn't end our relationship on the best of terms, so I don't really know what's going on there. 

Serious_Face/S_F: S_F was my first Top. He was the first person who spanked me and the first person with whom I had any kind of a spanking dynamic with. We met in vanilla life when I was seventeen and he spanked me for the first time a month or so after my eighteenth birthday. We saw each other consistently for about four years, after which he moved back to England. In early 2013, S_F suffered a horrific personal loss and has stepped back from the kink world while he emotionally recovers. We're rarely speaking right now, but he's always somewhere in the back of my mind, and I wish him the absolute best as he moves forward with his life. 

YS: YS was my long-distance Dominant for about six months.


G.: G. was my brother, four years my elder. He was a fantastic person, and for most of my life, was the one I was closest to in the world. He died in November, 2011 of AIDS, having contracted it ten years earlier through IV drug use and left it untreated for a long period of time. I love and miss him, and to do what I can to honor his memory.