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Resumé and Credits

My first spanking novel, The Doctor's Little Girl, is available for purchase:
Barnes and Nobel
All Romance

I am involved with production for the following sites:
Northern Spanking (since 2013)
Kitchen Sink Spanking

As a model, I've filmed spanking scenes for the following sites (listed in chronological order by my premiere on each site):
Assume the Position Studios (five shoots)
Lily Starr Spanking (five shoots)
Spanking Court
Good Spanking
Girl Spanks Girl (two shoots)
Clare Fonda's Hot Girls Spanked
Sternwood Academy (two shoots)
Mega Spankings (three shoots)
Ten Amorette's Punishment Playhouse
Dallas Spanks Hard 
Firm Discipline (five shoots)
Dreams of Spanking (three shoots)
Real Spankings (six shoots)
Real Spankings Institute (six shoots)
Amateur Spankings  (three shoots)
Northern Spanking (regular cast member)
Spanking 101 (two shoots)
Odette Exposed (as a top only)
Real Life Spanking
Spanked in Uniform
Triple A Spanking (four shoots)
Nimue's World
POV Spanking (two shoots)
Tantrum Trainers (two shoots)
Spanking Sorority Girls (two shoots)
Bars and Stripes
Sarah Gregory Spanking (five shoots)
Marked Butts (non exclusive content)
Bare Bottom Spankings
Cheerleader Slaves, Inc
Kitchen Sink Spanking (personal project, all content on site includes me)
Uncle Bob's Woodshed
Spanking Veronica Works (content release forthcoming)
Momma Spankings (two shoots)
Disciplinary Arts
Dana Specht

I've filmed bondage or BDSM scenes for the following sites:
Assume the Position Studios (two shoots)
Nimue's World
Whipping Films
Bondage Mischief
Dominic Wolf
Insane Girls
Cheerleader Slaves, Inc
Jeans Bound Media (two shoots)
Lorelei's Bedroom Bondage
Pro Villain Productions
Bondage Fan 2002

I've done other types of scenes for: 
Kitchen Sink Spanking (Upskirt, panty fetish, panty wetting)
Odette Exposed (Transformation fetish)
MessyHot (Wet and Messy fetish)
Naughty Diaper Girls (ABDL)
Ginger Sparks Fetish Playhouse (Various fetishes)
Kinky Gaga's XXXhibitionism (Various fetishes)
Self Gags (Gag fetish, regular performer on site)
Diapered Online (ABDL)
SoCal Tickling (Tickling and foot fetish, content forthcoming)

I've done solo masturbation scenes for the following sites:
Kitchen Sink Spanking
Amateur Kingdom

I'm featured on the following DVDS:
Chelsea Spanks Alex and Mei
Sternwood Academy Volume 1
Sternwood Academy Volume 2
Sternwood Academy Volume 3
Dallas Spanks Hard: Naughty Nightmare
Tardy Party Girls and The Joke's on Them
Kitchen Sink Spanking Compilation 1: A Few Changes
Kitchen Sink Spanking Compilation 2: Serious Business
Kitchen Sink Spanking Compilation 3: Flowers
Kitchen Sink Spanking Compilation 4: Not Alone
Kitchen Sink Spanking Compilation 5: Pushing Buttons
(Kitchen Sink Spanking DVDs are available by emailing me at alexinspankingland@gmail.com)

My image has been used to advertise for the following spanking products:
Canes 4 Pain
Sensual Paddles (images forthcoming with website redesign)

Press, Interviews and Features:
Wellred Weekly: Interview (2012)
Spanking View: Interview (2012)
Kelly Payne's Radio Show: Voice Recording (2013)
Reddit AMA: Ask Me Anything (ongoing, open interview, started 2013)
Someone's Gonna Get It: Interview (2013)
Spanking Resource : Feature (2013)
Wizbangpop: Feature (2013)
This Week in Spanking Podcast: Voice Recording (2014)
This Week in Spanking: Playing with a Pro: Voice Recording (2014)
A Spanko World: Interview (2014)
A Spanking Life 4 Me: Interview (2014)
Spanking Blogg: Traditional OTK Spankings: Feature (2014)
Spanking Insight: Beyond Stigma: Writing featured in article (2014)
Spanking Toons: Artistic Rendering (2014)
Stormy Night Publications Blog: Feature (2014)
Adaline Raine: Feature (2014)
Stormy Night Publications Blog: The Doctor's Little Girl Hits Big Numbers, Feature (2014)
Pandora Blake (YouTube): Interview with Alex Reynolds and Paul Kennedy: Video Interview (2014)

My writings have been reprinted in the following places:
Wellred Weekly
A Submissive's Initiative 

Alex in Spankingland has received the following awards:
Spanking Blogger's Network Blog of the Month, February 2012
Creative Spanking Blog of the Year, 2012
Creative Spanking Blog of the Year, 2014

As a model, I've received the following awards:
Spankee of the Year, 2014

My spanking novels have reached the following milestones:
The Doctor's Little Girl: Amazon's Top 10 listing in BDSM Erotica
The Doctor's Little Girl: Amazon Top 100 listing in Romantic Erotica

I am no longer listing all the wonderful photographers and other performers that I've worked with, as the list has grown excessively long and it is difficult to keep all the links up-to-date. Additionally, I've walked in fashion shows, appeared in (non-fetish) films and music videos and done print modeling, but I do not feel comfortable linking to vanilla pages from an adult site. Please message me if you are considering hiring me and you'd like references from any of these lists and I'll be happy to provide a selection. 

Free Sample Videos:
The Other School (from Dreams of Spanking)
Bathtime (from Dreams of Spanking)
The Hot Bully (from Triple A Spanking)
Schoolgirl Seduction (from ATP Studios)
Mommy's Spanked Schoolgirl (from Momma Spankings)
Pure Punishment: Alex Reynolds (from Disciplinary Arts)
The Lazy Guest (from Disciplinary Arts)
Loving Discipline (from Triple A Spanking)
Three Sassy Schoolgirls (from Triple A Spanking)
A Good Hiding (from Northern Spanking)
Naked Love Spanking (from Uncle Bob's Woodshed)
A Compilation (from Spanking 101)
Bare Bottom Belt Whipping (from Uncle Bob's Woodshed)
Harsh Domestic Discipline (from Assume the Position Studios)
Halloween Fancy Dress Spanking (from Triple A Spanking)
Corporate Intimidation (from Dreams of Spanking)
Landlady (from Dreams of Spanking)
Exemplary Detention (from Triple A Spanking)
Best Girlfriend Ever! (from Nimue's World)
Short shorts! (from Dreams of Spanking)
Sofafort (from Dreams of Spanking)
The Sleepover (from Dreams of Spanking)
The School Bully (from Nimue's World)
Alex's POV (from Dreams of Spanking)
Spanking Therapy (from Dreams of Spanking)
Missed Alarm (from Dreams of Spanking)
The Spanking Exhibitionist (from Ten Amorette's Punishment Playhouse)
Nude Sunburned Spanking (from Lily Starr Spanking)
Alex's Severe Real Discipline (from Alex in Spankingland)
An Unhappy Return to Court (from Spanking Court)
My Spanking Video Debut (from Assume the Position)

There's a ton of free content here. If you enjoy my videos, please consider purchasing full clips or joining the sites that hire me. Paying for videos is what keeps me in business. Thanks for your support!

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