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Shoot With Me

I love modeling, and I'm so fortunate that I'm able to make this my full-time profession!
I started modeling when I was finishing my BA. I was photographed by friends in the art department and enjoyed it so much that I began to seek out other people in the area to work with. This grew into a part time career in art nude and glamour modeling for several years.

Three years ago I decided that I wanted to combine my lifelong obsession with and love of being spanked with the enjoyment that modeling brings me and I did my first spanking video. I was hooked, and I now do this full time. I now also shoot bondage, foot fetish, solo masturbation and other fetish and BDSM content and I like doing this a great deal, too. I still love doing art and glamour photography, and I'm available for both still photography and film work. I'm not uptight about who I'll work with: I have just as much fun shooting with hobbyists, students and those just starting out as I do when I work with professional photographers and well known websites!

I'm available to book for paid work. I rarely do TF work, and when I do, I usually approach the photographer. Rates depend on the content and project, please email me with a description of what you're interested in and I'll let you know.

I'm based in Los Angeles and I'm happy to shoot anywhere in the city or the valley, as well as some more far away places.  I will continue to travel frequently, so check my "Where's Alex" page for my upcoming trips! If you'd like to work with me in a city that isn't currently on my agenda, please discuss this with me. I'm often able to travel if expenses are paid, and if they can't be, I can certainly work on adding your location to my rotation.

If you'd like a custom video or photoset of me but don't want to film it yourself, please contact me about this. This is almost always possible!

If you want to spank me without filming or taking photos, please look at information regarding private sessions. 

Email me at alexinspankingland@gmail.com with any questions you may have, or to book a shoot. I can't wait to hear from you!