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Where is Alex?

I spent lots of my time traveling, and wherever I'm located at the time, I can be booked for shoots or sessions. Email me at alexinspankingland@gmail.com with questions or to book me! I am able to travel to your area if expenses are paid. If you're curious about whether or not I ever visit your city, send me an email or comment asking!

When I'm not traveling, I'm located in Los Angeles, CA.

February 26th - March 2nd: I’ll be in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’m attending a private event and taking limited bookings, but I’d be happy to give or get some spankings or do a shoot. 
May 28th - 31st: I’ll be attending the first ever Lone Star Spanking Party in Austin, TX, and taking shoots and sessions there!
June 18th - 22nd: I’ll be attending the Texas All State Spanking Party in Dallas, TX (for the fourth time!) and taking shoots and sessions there. 
July 15th - 19th: I’ll be attending the Chicago Crimson Moon party in Chicago. I’m taking shoots and sessions while there! 
September 4th - 7th: I’ll be at the Shadowlane Spanking Party in Las Vegas, NV, and taking lots of shoots and sessions! 
October - I’ll be attending the Chicago Crimson Moon Party in Chicago (dates not yet published). 


  1. I love your page ! Your butt looks amazing !

    - Fred in Wyoming (:

    1. You're welcome. I wish I could schedule a session but money is tight and just can't get away to travel right now... I currently live in Wyoming but am originally from Southern California. I have recently gotten into spanking and love the idea of both spanking and being spanked, but haven't acually found anyone to share my interest with. You can find me on spankingtube under "Freddyb1980". I posted my first video recently, there's not much to it, but it's a start ! Nice to meet you, I really like your site. Sorry for going on so long ! Take care.