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Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Brief Moment of Terror

I wrote the story that I posted to my blog the other night shortly after the scene took place, but only recently decided to share it. So that night, as I was getting it into blog-post form, I decided that I needed to add a photo of Warren to make things complete. I got up from the bed where I was working and went to the closet where I keep my implements to retrive it for photographing. I looked around, but was surprised to see that Warren was not there. I shoved stuff around, looking under other implements and even under the clothes and shoes on the next shelf over, but I didn't see it anywhere.

Had I lost Warren? I had taken it, along with a handful of other implements, in my suitcase when I went to shoot with Lily Starr. I hadn't ended up needing them, since Lily had a bunch of awesome/unacceptable stuff, so I hadn't been thinking much about the fact that I brought them when I was leaving. Had I left Warren in the hotel room?

For all the times that I had joked about wanting Warren to get lost forever, when the possibility that it had actually happened arose, I was not happy with the development at all. The first issue that came to mind was the fact that it seemed unlikely that anyone would believe that it really was an accident, given how vocal I've been about wanting it broken into eight million splinters or burned in the fires of Mordor. I was fairly confident that my Dominant would believe me, for he knows me as no one else ever has and I believe would recognize that doing something like that on purpose is extremely beyond my character. Still, I don't think he'd have been happy about it, and I didn't want anyone to go around thinking that I lost toys I dislike on purpose. I had a hairbrush with which I had a fairly antagonistic relationship stolen at a munch one time, and I got a lot of flack for the fact that it "disappeared" from a couple of my friends and it had made me feel really awful.

Eventually, I found Warren. It had fallen from the shelf and my cats had piled a bunch of my clothes on top of it (perhaps trying to protect me?) when they were screwing around in the closet. It was the only time in my life when I looked at that implement and felt happy and relieved to see it :P.

Hugging a spoon is hard and awkward.

The whole experience reinforced an idea that my scene with J. had reminded me of: that in the end, no matter how much part of me hates something, no matter how many awful things I can say about it, the part of me that wants to be pushed and wants to submit will always win. It doesn't make it untrue that I despise Warren and think it's a truly evil, wicked creation. It's just also true, and perhaps more worth my focus, that when I thought for a few minutes that I'd never again experience the agony that it creates, I felt a genuine sense of disappointment and sadness. As much as I hate it, my appreciation for its effect is stronger and more important to me.

Are there any spanko bottoms out there who have actually intentionally lost or destroyed a feared or disliked implement? Have you even just hid something? What was your particular motivation? What happened in the end? How did it make you feel? The fact that I could never bring myself to do such a thing and wouldn't want people to think that I did doesn't mean that I am judging anyone who has. We've all got different feelings and motivations for WIIWD and I'm curious to hear other perspectives. Tops, have you ever had a bottom hide/lose/destroy your stuff? How did you react? If you haven't, how would you if it did happen? Do you feel that falls under acceptable bratting play, or does it cross a line to you?

In other news, I'm leaving to head up to Folsom Street Fair today with some awesome Los Angeles scene friends. I expect it to be full of epic win, and I shall tell you about my adventures upon my return, so look for that post!

Finally, I've updated my blog layout a bit over the past couple of days. Apparently some people didn't understand that the background was meant to be Alice in Wonderland themed, (you know, to play off the name of the blog?) so I added that adorable little White Rabbit graphic and changed the background color to echo the blue color traditionally associated with Alice's dress. I think everything looks brighter and more cheery now, too, so I hope you like it.


  1. lol. Good story. Is Warren's last name "Ted"?? ;-)

    Actually, as a fan of "007" I think the background has a cool "Casino Royale" motif. If it's meant to be Alice in Wonderland, ok. I'd recommend a pic of YOU in the blue dress. :-) I know you can rock that.

    Have fun at Folsom.

  2. Have fun at Folsom.

    If the implement is mine and I don't like it, then I'd have no problem giving it away to someone else who might like it better. I wouldn't "lose" something that belonged to someone else though.

  3. I am so glad Warren was found. I never had a bottom actually hide or lose My toys, and you know how much I adore My toys. I believe if someone purposely lost them , especially my most beloved ones, it would cross a line. it is circumstancial. if it is a rp-prank, there will be so much spanking till the implement suddenly is found and then it will have its chance to dance, however if it is disrespectful fucking around with My stuff, there wont be a scene. there will be just a non scene, which teaches more of a lesson.

  4. A friend of mine had a rubber strap. One session with it and she decided it was a goner. She cut the strap end down to the handle.

    As for the spoon - I woulda said 'good riddance'!


  5. I think if I bought something and it was actually outside my tolerance, or a sensation that was just not working for me, I would probably do what Iggy said and give it away, or I would just use it when topping.

  6. I've never purposely lost something. Most tops I know would be truly pissed if their stuff was hidden or lost, way beyond the point of just playing around. I wouldn't go there.

  7. I have hidden an implement and even yanked it out of a Top's hand once. In the latter senario, I was jokingly trying to grab it and was just as stunned as the Top when it ended up in my hand. I gave it back really, really fast. This was before I had experienced the stingy evil that wooden spoons deliver. Another time, same Top, I hid said evil spoon by tossing it someplace I couldn't reach to retrieve it. On this occasion I was not yet in for something and just didn't want the darn thing in sight for inspiration. Later I did end up getting in huuuuuuge trouble for something and took a superhard session with hand and hairbrush. My butt was done. I 'fessed up to the spoon only to avoid being in more trouble later. He said I was darn lucky he'd gone for the brush and not the spoon. As it was, he had to climb on stuff to get it back and I got a reminder of why I wanted it gone. Just not as much of one as if I had let him discover it was missing.

    Moral of the story: probably not the best idea to hide someone's stuff even if hey can get it back later. Tops don't seem to like it that much.