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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shamrocks and Sjamboks!

This post is, as my holiday and special occasion posts tend to be, slightly belated. Oh well! Happy St. Patrick's Day, Blogland!

St. Patrick's Day is a holiday that I primarily stopped celebrating after I graduated from college. In Los Angeles, I first lived in an extremely hispanic neighborhood, then in Chinatown. Not a lot of Irish going on in those parts. I also greatly decreased the amount of getting excessively intoxicated that I was up to after graduation, and what kind of fun can be had on St. Patrick's day without getting totally plastered?

The answer is spanking fun. The whole thing started with a shirt that scotchgrove got me which reads "Spank Me I'm Irish." To get the question out of the way before I get into it, I'm only a quarter Irish. The rest of me is English, Polish and Panamanian. I'm still Irish enough to get spanked for it, as far as I'm concerned! This is my second spanking related t-shirt. This one, however, is plain looking enough that scotchgrove encouraged me to wear it in public. I set my mind on doing so.

On Friday I had the day off from work. Malignus left me with a list of things to do, which I affirmed that I would accomplish. I then took a nap (because my sleep schedule had remained disturbed) and when I got up and got ready, I decided it would be a good time to take some photos with the t-shirt and a pair of St. Patrick's Day panties that I picked up. I set up my laptop's camera and did a mini photoshoot in the bedroom by myself. I then figured out how to make a photo collage online.

Shortly after I completed this, there was a knock on the door. I opened it to find the UPS man standing there with a very long box. There aren't nice things that come in boxes like that. Besides, scotchgrove had been threatening me with more murder-presents (horrible implements as gifts) for a while. The title of this post gives away what was in said long box: it was a sjambok of my very own. It was hard to be appreciative.

Now, as a general rule, I don't talk about disciplinary things on my blog unless they're part of a larger point. This is because I don't want to glorify my bad behavior (or sometimes even share something like that publicly) and because discipline is a very private and personal part of my life. I'm going to deviate from that standard for a bit because this story is entertaining and very worth sharing.

Imagine that you're a girl in a D/s or DD relationship (perhaps you needn't imagine at all!). Now imagine that you've just received the worst implement imaginable as a gift when you were at home waiting for your partner to return from work. You have a set of things you are expected to get done. What would you do?

If you have half a brain and don't like getting hit with sjamboks, your response would probably be something along the lines of "get my chores done before doing anything else."

scotchgrove described the situation the best when I told him ex post facto: "For such a smart girl," he told me, "you can be pretty stupid sometimes."

I figured I could spend more time on the internet and talking on the phone and doing other unnecessary stuff before I needed to get everything done. It's not a good skill to have, but I am kind of a pro at hustling chores out at the last minute.

That's pretty much me.

My confidence got the best of me and I ended up wasting the day away. I was still at the grocery store when Malignus got home from work. Going to said store was the first thing from my list of chores that I had done all day.

On the way home, my brain could pretty much be documented like this:


My powers of deduction and ability to predict events were rather flawless. Upon my return home, I promptly confessed that I had not completed my chores, and Malignus promptly provided me with clearly required discipline using (SURPRISE) my brand new sjambok.

To my credit, I lay still through the approximately 20 strokes I received like a boss. I guess that's not really to my credit: it's not that hard to submit to something when you know that you were REALLY dumb and REALLY deserve it.

None the less, I was clearly extremely contrite when my correction was complete:

My sad face didn't stick around too long. We had a really nice rest of the evening, and I got everything done that I was required and more.

Meanwhile, Heather and I were inspired by my little photoshoot and decided to do something that we'd long talked about but never actually done: start making videos. Heather went out and got us matching green panties. I dug out all our green implements. We both found green t-shirts. We had a plan and we were ready to execute it the next day.

On St. Patrick's Day proper, we filmed a series of three videos that have our "signature" lighthearted, friendly nature to them. We're still getting used to making videos, so there are some imperfections, but all in all, I think you'll enjoy them. Here they are:

I want to add that this is my first experience uploading things on spankingtube. I was pretty intimidated because I've heard a lot of horror stories about people being assholes on that site, but so far I can't complain about how we've been received. I'd be down with higher ratings on my videos, but I know that they aren't perfect either.


  1. Fantastic pics and videos as always. I have a hunch your tube ratings will be going up significantly in the near future ;-) Thanks for sharing these. Glad it was a great day for you.

    1. Thanks! My ratings seem to go up and down a bit but they're never TOO low so I'm not complaining!

  2. I think green and red go together nicely!

  3. That thing looks scary and terrible. Have you named it anything yet?

    1. Naming exists to easily determine which implement one is referring to within in a set. For example, one can say "Jenny" instead of "that horrible spoon with the red handle." I say that since we will only ever have one sjambok, we needn't name anything. Malignus says "We'll see about that." -__-

  4. Well this is random. I find you on spankingtube today, and then randomly found you here from someone who commented on my blog. :P

    I guess I have a new blog to read. :)

  5. The sjambok looks terrifying to me. You and Heather are so cute in those videos! "Poor tops, hitting themselves in the face all the time" made me laugh out loud. :-)

    1. I am very glad that people thought they were cute and funny like they were supposed to be. It makes me feel like a winner! :D

  6. You are a "WINNER"!! More fun additions to ST, please!!


  7. LOVE! I could happily watch Malignus cane you two all day... not that I'd wish that on you or anything <3

    1. He once said that if we ever move to a house in the middle of nowhere he was going to "switch [me] from sunrise to sunset." That and an all day caning can go on the DO NOT WANT list. Now an all day spanking I could handle if it was snuggly nice. Mmmmmm.

      PS I MISS YOU!

  8. My wife and I own one of these sjamboks too (she is the one to grip its handle while I am to receive tghe tapered end). It's a very heavy weapon for serious players. As luck would have it, I managed to buy two genuine South African sjamboks made of hippo hide from ebay (unfortunately the vendor, Frances Cary is currently not offering anything). These sjamboks are shorter then the artificial ones from Cold Steel, but more flexible. Truly vicious, even 20 or 30 not really full blooded strokes leave welts that last for days!


    1. I'd love (but be terrified) to try a hippo skin sjambok! Sounds exciting!

  9. A tremendous way to have celebrated St.Patricks Day!

    Well done to both of you ladies (although your counting of the rod strokes almost descended into a fiasco at one point!).

    I have stumbled upon your blog today, and will make it a link favourite, I love it!

    Best wishes to you Alex in Dakota, from Andy in Dublin, Ireland!