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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Creative Spanking Blog of the Year Nomination!

I've been having a good couple of days, and I've got lots of exciting news.
My blog has been nominated for Creative Spanking Blog of the Year over at The Spanking Spot! I'm incredibly excited just to see my page listed on the voting options that it gives me jitters.

I'm also really glad that I got my redesign taken care of, so the page is spruced up for the awards!
I'd like to thank the four people who nominated my blog for this. I'm really proud that in the past year I've been able to increase my readership so much, make new friends in the spanking community, engage in conversations and dialoges on a variety of subjects and share my thoughts and experiences with the spanking world at large. While I shall not tell you what to do, I really hope that you will consider voting for me. Many of the competing blogs are excellent, as well, and I wish everyone the best of luck. :)

(Small dance of excitement.)

The are several other categories open for voting. There is Best Facial Expression During a Spanking, which is populated by lots of great pain faces. I'm personally extremely fond of Ten Amorette's face in all situations, but especially when she's getting a spanking. I also love the way that Amelia Jane Rutherford emotes during a scene, especially her expressions of shock and appall before her actual spanking starts. And we couldn't talk about patented faces without mentioning Sarah Gregory, who is an expert at showing just how much something hurts on her face. There's also a girl named Liesje, who I was not previously familiar with, from the Dutch site Real Life Spankings who appears to be in great distress at her spanking and is making a face one doesn't see very often in videos: the "screaming like a dying monster face."

This is a sort of face that *is* frequently seen in my home. I like the honesty of it.

The next category is Most Improved Spanking Site. All of the sites that are nominated for this award are wonderful. Bars and Stripes has had an awesome cast of both Tops and spankees in the past year, and continues to have a very unique "feel" to it. Instead of being a set of different stories, this site feels like one, complete fantasy world, which I'm very fond of. Triple A Spanking has really come a long way in the past year, as it's been growing and developing. It has beautiful girls and great ideas going into it. Spanked in Uniform had a very unique improvement this year: they've expanded to include Stark Trek and Harry Potter inspired sections that are extremely unique and very well pulled off. English Spankers is a site with which I only became familiar in the past year, so I can't say what they've improved upon exactly, but I know that their content is quite lovely indeed. There were also two new sites launched this year who fall into this category: Spanking Sorority Girls and Dreams of Spanking. I've shot for both of these sites, although my content has not yet been released on Spanking Sorority Girls. Spanking Sorority Girls is a very fun site with some cute concepts, and it's held together by very charming Veronica Ricci, who stars on the site. Veronica is a total knock out and a ton of fun to work with. Dreams of Spanking is a very unique site, and I know that Pandora has worked incredibly hard to make it so. She really has moved away from the "traditional" sort of spanking site to bring us a set of unique stories, pairings and models that are constantly exciting.

Plus, one of the photos on the voting page is of me. Yay!
The final category open for voting is New Spankee of the Year. I don't actually really know anything about any of the girls who were nominated, but many of them are very lovely looking, and I think I have a bit of a girl crush on Mei Mara. It's those eyes! So adorable.

Anyway, please go vote for your favorites. I'm sure everyone has worked very hard and deserves their nomination. :)


  1. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Alex! :-D

  2. *votes*
    *double votes*
    *triple votes*
    *becomes temporary Domme, acquires 1000000 subs, orders them all to vote*

  3. i would for sure vote for you in some of the spanking contest i seen some of your spanking video you do very good job in those spanking video even so i know wasnt comfortable and the spanking really did hurt but taught you a lesson too

    i would love chance to spank you or be spanked by you sometime iam sure you can do good job spanking me as i can do same spanking your bottom

    madison ohio
    age 41

    1. Hi Mike,
      Thank you for your kind words. I'd love it if you voted for my blog here! http://thespankingspot.com/2012-spanking-blog-creative-of-the-year-starts-now/

      Feel free to email me at alexinspankingland@gmail.com if you're interested in setting up a session, although I only do bottoming sessions and don't really top. :)

    2. Hi Alex

      ya welcome for my kinds words i really meant what i said and i will go vote for your blog why wouldnt i vote for cutie pie like your self i love watching your spanking video and you getting what you desver

      i will for sure email you to set up session with you i accept fact you only bottom but dont really top i would love chance to bend you over my knee and spanks your naughty butt good and red lol

      maybe if i misbehave you can find one of your female friend top to spank me while you watch lol

      Madison ohio
      age 41

  4. Congratulations to my favorite person from the garden state that I'm not sure that I'm related to or who isn't a member of the E Street Band.I don't know how to vote for you,but if you tell me how...I surely will...early and often. :)

    1. http://thespankingspot.com/2012-spanking-blog-creative-of-the-year-starts-now/ Go to that link and then select me from the choices at the bottom! Yaaaay! Thank you!

  5. Congrats! I love the look of your site too.

  6. I've cast a few ballots so far. Hoping a few more categories present themselves soon. I love these awards. :-) Best wishes for victory.

  7. Congratulations on your nomination, Alex! I keep my fingers crossed for you.